Bird ID: 1362
Species: Conure
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Mitred
Adopted on 2021-09-27
Update 8-10-08: George the Mitred Conure is doing fairly well. He`s still manifesting neurotic symptoms due to his previous abusive home, but his trust in humans is improving. He`s mostly stopped plucking his feathers and seems to enjoy hanging around us crazy humans. UPDATE 2/28/06:
Hey, George here. I`m still waiting for someone to adopt me! I`m a pretty easy-going bird who eats a variety of foods and likes to take showers. I love to dance to music and have people sing to me. I`d be almost perfect if it wasn`t for my plucking problem, but I`m working on that. All I need is a person that can put up with a bit of noise, give me the attention I need, and be patient with me while I get to know you, and I`ll be your friend for the rest of my life.
UPDATE 7/7/05:
Hi, it`s George again. I`m doing well in my new foster home. I eat pellets, scrambled eggs, most fruits, and I love apples. I am afraid of spray bottles, probably because someone used to punish me with them a long time ago. But I do like to go in the shower with people. My foster dad showed my picture to Mark Bittner from The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill and he told us some very shocking news (at least for me anyway). He said that I`m not a cherry-headed conure, I`m actually a mitred conure. All this time I thought I was a cherry-head and now I find out that I`m a mitred! Mitreds have similar coloring to cherry-heads and are a little bit bigger. I`m very sweet to people who get to know me but I am a little uncomfortable around strangers. Just give me a chance and I`ll warm up to you.
UPDATE 2/1/05:
Once Mickaboo takes in a bird, we assume a lifetime commitment for its well-being. Sometimes birds come back to us under very sad circumstances. George`s adopter has a progressive illness that no longer allows her to care for George, so he is once again available for adoption.
I know the Christmas season is over, but if you miss those rich green and red decorations, how about a cherry-headed conure? My name is George, and I`m red and green--and pink where my skin shows. I have a bit of a plucking problem, you see, but I bet you`re not perfect either, right? I lived with my last family about 10 years, but nobody knows how old I am. I like pellets, seeds and fruits, and maybe some vegetables. The jury is still out on that. I`m a sweet guy (or gal) who only bites when a person needs to be warned about his behavior. I`m not really a fighter--I`m a singer. I love to sing with people and have them sing to me. I also love to say and hear my name. I`ll tell you that I am a "pretty bird" and say a few other things you might not understand right away. At night, I mumble myself to sleep in a very adorable way. During the day, I will do some conure screaming. Hey, it`s in the genes. If a little noise doesn`t bother you, and you want to give me a whole lot of attention, I could make every day a holiday!