Bird ID: M2006002
Species: African Grey
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Congo
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2007-01-31
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UPDATE 1/30/06: Hello everyone, Momo here! I just wanted to let you know that I?m doing very well in my new home. At first I just sat in my cage really quietly and didn?t come out much even though I was allowed. My new Mom would sit by my cage a lot and talk to me and just visit - that was nice. It also took me a while to warm up to the idea of my new people scritching or touching me. I finally figured out that I am safe and loved here, and now I can?t get enough. I know exactly how to get those scritches---I start with ?heeellllooo? and then a ?scratch Momo?? I love the fresh fruit/veggie bowls I get everyday, but bath time is not my favorite at all. I tolerate it because Mom sings to me and tells me it?s good for me. She must be right because my feathers are so beautiful now. When I get down from my cage and am not supposed to, I?m told to go back and I do ?cause I know she means it (if I don?t she comes and gets me and puts me back). I get lots of new toys and things to chew on and have learned to play with them (I also took apart a small lampshade, but I don?t think I was supposed to do that?..). When I first came to Mickaboo I was described as very quiet ? not anymore! Now I have lots of things to talk about. I go through my whole routine of sounds and words to make my new Mom laugh. The first day I arrived here when I said ?hello?, I knew that I touched her heart and then one day I said ?I love you? (she says it to me) and oooohhhhh my goodness ?I saw the look in her eye ? it totally melted her heart! Then I knew I was here to stay forever! My name is Momo but you might think mum`s the word because I`m quite quiet for an African Grey. Though I can talk some, I`m very shy about conversing with strangers. But I love attention and never bite, even when having a manicure. My least favorite things are large strange objects, especially if moving. (So please don`t come near me if you are carrying a big box.) My most favorite things are corn, peanuts, and sunflower seeds plus all kinds of fruit and hot chilies. Sunbathing is wonderful, too, but I could do without those water showers. Despite my dislike of water, I`m one gorgeous bird. I am so lucky that Mickaboo has found me a new home, and my new people are so lucky to have found me!