Guapo and Sparky

Bird ID: D2005055
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Normal Grey
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2010-09-12
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Hi, I`m Sparky and this is my pal Guapo. I`m the one who`s sitting up higher, looking around, while Guapo is taking it easy on a lower perch. If you ever meet us in person, remember that Guapo has two yellow dots on back of his neck, because that`s the only way to tell us apart at first!

We met in a Mickaboo foster home and immediately became best friends, even though we come from different backgrounds. I used to live with a family that interacted with me a lot so I was used to human companionship when I came to Mickaboo. Guapo was found outdoors, taken to a shelter and then brought to Mickaboo; it took him a little while to learn that people could be his friends, but he did it. Of course, we also have some things in common. As I already mentioned, we look very much alike and we`re even the same size, plus or minus a gram or two. Do you remember the two guys who called themselves "The comedy team that weighs the same?" (Trust me here, they used to have a Vegas act and were on Letterman a few times.) Well, we like to think of ourselves as the cockatiel team that weighs the same! Neat, huh? Guapo`s name means "handsome" en español, and my name means . . . well, it doesn`t really mean anything. It`s kind of like the name "Butch" but with more of a . . . spark to it. Yeah, that`s it.

So here`s our deal. We`re a couple of very friendly birds who love shoulder-surfing, exploring, sampling new foods, exploring, whistling, talking and exploring. Guapo is a bit more hesitant to interact at first but he will follow my lead once he is out of our cage, and we will enjoy your company together. Did I mention that we like exploring? Our favorite places besides playpens are beds, bookcases, and, especially, bookcase beds. We`ll climb around as much as you let us, but you need to keep a close eye on us to see that we stay out of trouble. The other day, Guapo chewed up the dust jacket of Forshaw`s "Parrots of the World," which our foster dad thought gave the book more character.

We`d like to go to a home where we can get plenty of human companionship and lots of supervised out-of-cage time. We`re a couple of friendly, easy-going guys who are looking to make some new human friends, share a few laughs and some leafy veggies, and get plenty of exercise in a cockatiel friendly home.