Bird ID: D2006050
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Lutino
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Yes
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2007-04-04

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ChaCha is a darling. Don`t think of her as special needs -- just think of her as down right special! She steps up like a champ and heads straight for your shoulder where recently she may nibble your ear. While she enjoys eating her pellets, fruits and veggies and cereal - avicake treats are her favorite, especially when you feed them to her by hand! ChaCha is funniest when she takes a shower, though. She wants to get soaking wet, and can`t get her face close enough to the spray bottle to suit her (mainly because her foster mom is afraid she is going to drown herself). She spreads her wings wide and hangs upside down from her perch to catch all the drops of water she can. She twists and turns as though the water tickles her feathers, but it probably just feels so good she has to wiggle a bit and let it show. Oh, and don`t forget her toys, because she doesn`t. When ChaCha is in her cage, she likes to play by chewing on her wooden chew toys and nibbling wooden perches.

Every day she talks non-stop for about 3-5 minutes - like she is reciting a poem or having a fascinating conversation with one of the other cockatiels. She has a beautiful voice, very expressive and intense.

Some might say that ChaCha is an escape artist or maybe just very intelligent. ChaCha also has a great natural personality and charm and is very good natured. She seems to be very good (somewhat accommodating) with other tiels, and likes to talk to them and be around them.

I`m just too ChaCha for words, as the Steel Magnolias would say! In other words, I`m a lutino cockatiel with personality plus. I`m big and fluffy with only a touch of plucking on my chest. You won`t even notice it except when I bathe. I came to Mickaboo from an aviary by way of an animal shelter. Unfortunately, I was malnourished from not having had adequate calcium, possibly aggravated by excessive egg-laying. My bones were so fragile that many have fractured and were left untreated. All birds should be treated gently, but I require a bit of extra care. This doesn?t mean no playing! I love to play and can travel all over my cage. I`m a sweetheart who really wants my own person. I`m full of life, don`t bite, will call to you and will intently observe all you do. Do you have that gentle touch I`m looking for in my dance partner Story posted on: January 14, 2006