Bird ID: O2006002
Species: Macaw
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Blue and Gold
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2006-03-19

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I`m hoping my 13th year will be a very lucky one for me. I`m Frankie, a beautiful blue and gold macaw. Though 13 is young for a macaw, I have been described as a mellow "old soul." I have been with one owner for about 10 years, but she is no longer able to care for me. I`ve had some recurring problem with my beak, but I`m seeing an avian vet now and seem pretty healthy. There is nothing wrong with my appetite and my foster mom says I will eat anything offered, including pellets. Favorite treats include peanuts and bananas. I have quite a repertoire of words and noises (including some slightly rude sounds), though it may take you a while to figure out all of my vocabulary. I definitely can say "where you goin`?," "hello,Frankie," and the "wooooo" sound accompanied by swaying my head from side to side. For a while I lived with my human "grandma," so I learned to ask "Where`s grammy?" We big macaws can be amazingly loud, but so far I am fairly quiet, usually calling only when someone leaves the room. When noisy little kids are around, I tend to want to be vocal, too. Maybe that`s why I like children! Dogs don`t bother me, either. Vacuums, I`m not crazy about. It is possible I may be more friendly with guys, but just because I drop food on my foster mom`s head doesn`t mean I don`t like her?.. She probably summed me up best by saying I`m a love and a character. What more could you ask for in a companion? Story posted on: March 18, 2006