Bird ID: B2006018
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Unclassified
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2005-11-30

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Hi! I`m Fig, a 5-month old lovebird and the youngest of the lovebird family (Apple, Anjou & Bosc.) My foster mom says that I`m a little scrapper. As the youngest birdie, I`m a little rebellious. I`m always on my own playing and swinging on toys -- hey, I`ve got things to do, places to go! My Mom and Dad tell me I should appreciate all that we have as life wasn`t always this good. They say I`m spoiled as I`ve gotten the royal Mickaboo treatment since I was hatched but doesn`t every birdie deserve that? We say a thank you prayer every night to all the wonderful Mickaboo folks who help the birds. I do love my family and it would be so great if we were able to be adopted out together. Yet there are those times when I want to leave this small town and make it big on my own! I`m going to let fate take its course on this one. I do know for sure I don`t want to be adopted out with my sibling, Apple, I have dreams of finding my own true love. Let`s see, I eat pellets and veggies and cooked dishes like rice and cous-cous, but of course my favorite is the millet dessert. Out of the family I`m the most nervous around people but I do have my moments where I copy everyone else and hang out on people`s shoulders. Since I`m still a baby I`ll be able to learn all about people and how to be a good companion. I`m ready to live a long full life with someone extra special who will appreciate my spunky nature. As I said, I have things to do, places to go and I have many plans of how I want to spend my next 25 years. Are you up to it? If so, call Mickaboo today as I`m ready to start a new adventure with you! Story posted on: June 7, 2005