Bird ID: B2006024
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Dutch Blue
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2007-09-08

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UPDATE 7/25/06: "Pipsqueak is highly social and has buddied up with Herman the cockatiel. Their relationship is like the bossy kid that hangs out with the more passive kid. Sometimes Pips gets a little too bossy so they can`t be together unless I can watch them. I think Pips would be good with a family that did not have other birds for him to bond with (or push around). I have only gotten bitten when I put my hand in his cage while he`s in it, however even then the bites are not vicious and certainly not a surprise. I pick him up and kiss his head and scritch his cheeks and he will not try to bite. He can get good distance even with his wings clipped and it`s absolutely necessary to stay on top of his wing clips."

I was found flopping around on the ground at a gas station in the SF mission district.

My rescuer named me Pipsqueak or Pips for short. I do not bite but I don`t perch willingly on fingers yet either. My greatest ability? I am an amazing escape artist!! The first 10 minutes I was home with my rescuer, I had lifted up the door to my cage and went flying and walking around! From then on she used wooden clothespins to fasten the doors down, but one day when she did not fasten one of the doors tightly enough, she came home from work to find me sitting in one of the cockatiels cages getting to know my new friends! (Maybe I should have been named Houdini!) When not making amazing escapes from cages, I eat well and am very energetic and lively and vocal. Wouldn`t you love to have me keeping you on your toes at your home?