Bird ID: E2006006
Species: Ringneck
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Unclassified
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2006-07-27

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Hello, and please allow me to introduce myself: I am Jaycie. I have a history, and it is not all pleasant, yet not all tragic either. I simply had circumstances in my life which brought me here, and I am ready to start a wonderful new life with someone as special as myself. I am six years old and I`m an attention sponge. I wake in the morning with a slight chirp, asking if anyone is awake yet. If not, it is not long before I take it upon myself to wake someone up and start the day. The past four and a half years, I didn?t get much attention, so I`m trying to make up for it now. My Dad spends as much time with me as he can, and during that time, I am very quiet and give great kisses (so I am told). I did bite a lot when I first came to this home, but I never really wanted to, and Dad gave me the chance to show how sweet I can be. I was very lonely and scared, but Dad took it all in stride and I can show my affection now. Dad takes me to the shower and even gets me into the water. I`m not sure that I care for that part yet, but given time, I guess I can adjust to just about anything. He is also teaching me ?towel training?! Now honestly, from my point of view, I could do without that one, but dear old Dad says it is necessary to help take care of me. He wraps me in a towel and talks gently to me and pets my head for about 10 to 15 minuets every day. I love the talking and can handle the petting, but the towel? Oh well, I guess. This morning he had to trim my wings and he used the towel. The wing thing is something else I don?t yet understand but if I can get attention, I will relent. I am loud, but that is just my normal voice. I will do anything to get attention: I will climb the cage like a clown, and if that doesn?t work, I will call out to you with what I consider a joyful noise (but it is loud). I am very insecure and only want to be loved, and I have so much to offer you, too. Please consider all this before you think about bringing me home. Remember, I am like a loving child who deserves a home and a family. I`m not a thing to be tossed from home to home, like an unwanted towel.