Bird ID: H2006020
Species: Conure
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Mitred
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2007-01-15

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Update from Jonah`s foster Mom: Jonah is actually a bundle of love. Everyone who looks at him tells me how healthy he looks and how beautiful he is (and then asks me if he is a SF Cherry Head). Since it was just Jonah and I when I first got him and we have no other (conure) birds for him to play with or buddy up with - he relies on me to take care of scritches and other helpful preening issues as well as favorite foods (apples, oh my, we MUST has apples). Each night (when possible, or during the day) for a while we cuddle up for quiet time where he gets to lay down and stretch out on my tummy. He stretches his wings and legs and his neck out until his is laying down napping. Then he pops up for play time of "tickles" where he grabs my finger with his foot and rolls over on his back for me to tickle him and play with his beak and head while he pretends to bite me. He grabs my fingers with his feet and I lift him up off of me and he does little acrobatics and flops back down and we start all over again! At first he was rough! Now he understands he has to be gentle and the game will last longer.
hr> I`m ready to boldly go where no bird has gone before. Well, at least the "boldly go" part is true. It probably would be best if I went to someone who has experience with birds with attitude.

I`m Jonah, a mitred conure. My foster dad describes me as "spirited." I`m shy about getting on hands to come out of my cage, but once out, I am very comfortable with people and will step up. Though I have inflicted a few strong bites, I usually am content to try a little nip to let you know I`m nervous about your actions. But don`t think that means I`m not a sweet guy. Every night before my bedtime, my foster dad cuddles me under his chin and scratches my head, neck and beak. I probably could be sweet with other birds, too, as long as we are introduced very gradually and supervised. Conure beaks must look pretty intimidating to any smaller bird! If you aren`t intimidated by, but instead will appreciate my strong personality, I could be a great companion for you. Let`s boldly go together!