Bird ID: M2009001
Species: African Grey
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Congo
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2011-09-25

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Hi, I`m Nora! I`m a thirteen year old Congo African Grey. Thirteen is still quite young, as we Greys can live for fifty years or more. My foster mom says I`m a real love-sponge, whatever that is. All I know is a girl can`t ever get too many head scritches! When mom stops scritching, I give her hand a gentle nudge with my beak and bow my head to let her know that it`s not time to stop yet.

I like to stay busy: bonking my toys, ringing my bell and shredding phone books. I travel everywhere with a whole stack of phonebooks and I`m very good at shredding them. Mom says shedding phone books is a good outlet for me and much better than shredding my feathers. You see, I have a little plucking problem. I`ve been plucking for a long time, so it`s kind of become a habit. My new family will need to be patient with me. But with lots of love and the best of care, I just might forget about my feathers.

Mom says I`m a real doll and quite the chatterbox. I speak English in several different voices of the favorite people I`ve know over the years. I do lots of cute whistles, wild bird calls, and some truly amazing household sounds. If you would like to meet me, I`ll tell you all about it myself. You can email the African Grey Coordinator at the link above to learn more. I`m ready for my new home. Could it be with you?