Bird ID: 2660
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Goffins
Adopted on 2020-10-09
Update 4/26/11. April here, but my foster mom calls me Romeo due to my affectionate and charming personality. That and my handsome dark eyes have everyone thinking I`m a male (including the vet). I`m on a very healthy diet now which consists of pellets and assorted fruits and veggies. I`m not a fan of the veggies but they`re in my bowl everyday anyway! One day I might surprise everyone and give in. I say my name and "step up," so somebody must have drilled that into me because I do it on cue. I have a soft spot for avicakes, nuts, and mango so maybe next time I step up for you I can get one of these treats? I`m not a noisy bird as far as cockatoos go, but I do love attention. I`ll even dance to get it. In fact, I might give you a quick nip to remind you my head needs scratching in case you forget. Just put me back in my cage and I`ll take the hint. I`m extremely intelligent so don`t be surprised if you find I`ve let myself out again. I`m not scared to interact like I was when I first came to Mickaboo. It was bad. I was kept in a filthy garage filled with plants where my cage was wrapped in foil...and I used to chew on it! As if the toxic metal wasn`t enough to kill me, the air was stale and filled with mold spores. So you can imagine how I was a plucked mess and sometimes breathe heavier than normal. This is why I need a couple hours of fresh air and sunshine each day when its nice outside. I`ve been given lots of puzzles and toys to play with, chew, and shred so I can give my feathers a break. I think it`s safe to say I`ve come a long way over the past few months. Come introduce yourself and we`ll see if I can wow you with my boyish charm!

I`m April, a Goffins cockatoo, at least 5 years old. I, as well as my other bird roommates, probably had a nice past as I am fairly tame, but that was long ago. My owner now has dementia and can no longer care for me properly. I was, prior to being surrendered to a shelter, living in a garage-type room that was musty, dusty and moldy. There were plants in there as well, covered with dust, and aluminum foil had been wrapped around our cages so that we birds wouldn`t eat plants, and the aluminum foil around my cage was chewed on a lot-yikes! Did you know that bare metals, other that stainless steel, are not good for birds? Right now I am super scared, but friendly and I`ll let you pet me. I step up and like to be on shoulders. When my rescuers tried to get me I hopped around and was REALLY out of breath. I do more hopping than flying, even though my wings are not clipped, as I have plucked myself pretty badly. I do not self-mutilate, but my feathers are pretty ragged right now. I am used to being out for several hours a day and like to hang out on top of my cage. Due to the poor condition of my cage, the dirty drinking water and all the dust and mold, it`s very likely I have some sort of bacterial and/or respiratory infection. I will be getting a check up ASAP, though. With vet care and love and proper nutrition, I should be healing soon and ready for adoption. Will you open up your life and home to me? I`m in need of a little love right now. If you`d like a little avian friend, please contact my coordinator and she`ll do her best to get us together.