Bird ID: L2009002
Species: Amazon
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Double Yellow Head
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Foster on 2009-03-31

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I`m Poppy and I am a little bit sad. I really don`t expect too much from humans as I never really had much. I recently learned that the cage I called home for 29 years was way too small for me. My feet hurt because the only perch I had was shaped wrong and gave me pressure sores. I also had a broken leg. To be honest, I gave up long ago.

Things changed when I came to Mickaboo. I saw a doctor that gave me medicine that made me feel better. I now like to eat some fresh fruit. But veggies, not so much. My foster mom keeps trying to get me to eat pellets, but I am holding out for the stuff I like. She`s been getting crafty though, so I end up eating them now and then.

I have been living in a plastic box for the past month to let my feet and legs rest. I really like my box. My foster mom has recently started putting me in a cage during the day. It seems really big, but I like to sit on my rope perches and enjoy the sunshine. Perhaps things are not so bad after all.

I am friendly, I just get a little nervous if anyone moves around too fast. The house I am currently living in has lots of other creatures, and I don`t mind them at all. Sometimes, I get a visit from another amazon like me. I think I might like him.

Long ago, I broke my wing badly. I have not flown since. I also used to talk. Will you help give me wings and a voice again?