Bird ID: D2006008
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Pied
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2006-04-09

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Update 5/13/06: "Binky has been with us 2 months now and has really settled in quite nicely. He was readily accepted into our existing tiel flock of 4- and has found his niche. He still has a sleep cage of his own, due to his special needs, but eagerly awaits his chance each morning to join the flock. He steps onto the palm of my hand to be put into the larger cage. Going back into his own cage is a different story- he gets a bit nippy then- not wanting to leave his friends. It?s never hard though- he?s just trying to make a point! His severely arthritic feet hinder him from stepping up onto a finger, and affect his balance somewhat, but absolutely do not stop him from getting around. He can climb as well as any other bird I?ve ever seen! His personal cage is set up with special ramps and ladders- but in the main `tiel cage his favorite spot to hang out is in the center of a 3 ft tall ladder. He is a bit smitten with one of the females, who likes to hang out on the swing, and this spot is close to her. Not bad for a 22 year old! I truly believe Binky is a very happy bird. He was a solo tiel for many years, then lost his long time owner, but now has a place with us where he can be happy and live out the rest of his life with other feathered friends. We are happy to have Binky join our family." How do you feel about older men? I`m a lovely pied cockatiel named Binky and I`m a shy (but energetic) guy, about 22 years old. I had some cockatiel friends in the past, but they died. Then my owner died so I need a new home. I seem to be in good health except for an infection that is responding well to treatment and arthritis in my feet. The arthritis wasn`t caused by age as much as by the small perches I had to stand on for year. For the last 10 years I`ve been kept in my cage and now I`m making up for lost time! My nickname is "Little Crash and Burn" because I love to dive off the top of cages, bounce and roll on the floor, then take off on an adventure. I can`t walk too well, but I can flutter-hop and sometimes I hitch a ride to go exploring. I enjoy riding on my foster dad`s shoulder or on a cupped or flat hand (easier on the feet than finger perches). But if the person won`t take me where I want to go, it`s "crash and burn and take off" time! My diet had not been much but seeds until I came to Mickaboo. Now I`m being introduced to pellets and Nutri-cakes and other healthy foods. My secret vice is tortilla chips -- I`ll doing anything for a chip! As you would expect of a mature type, I came with some baggage: a case of millet spray, about 7 kinds of seed mix, 4 stuffed birds that whistle when squeezed and two musical birdie clocks. I do whistle along with my musical toys, but I like people better. I still have some good years left and want to share them with someone -- maybe humans and cockatiels. Could the human someone be you?