Bird ID: H2006023
Species: Conure
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Sun
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2006-10-10

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Update 9/4/2006: Zelda the sun conure has become a total love, enjoys head scratches belly rubs and rarely nips and doesn`t bite. Her foster mom says that someone better adopt her soon because she (the foster mom) is getting too attached!!! Hi, humans! I`m Zelda the sun conure. I`m in desperate need of a permanent home and loving family. Through no fault of my own I ended up in an ugly situation. My mom loved me, played with me and fed me well, but I was very excitable (as all conures are) and being an only bird I became very loud. I just wanted to be out with my mom all the time. My parents couldn`t handle the noise and my dad would punish me by hitting me and knocking me off my perch---now I am a little nervous about hands. My mom was worried about my well-being and the sanity of her family, and surrendered me to Mickaboo. In spite of my past, I have loads of potential. I love to come out of my cage, but I feel safest when I am on top of it or on a shoulder. I liked to be petted by my old mom, but I`m still timid of my foster mom, though I have no objections to taking treats from her hand. I`ll step up on a stick from in the cage and on an arm when away from my cage. I`m a great eater---I eat some pellets and all kinds of table foods and baths are OK too. I love to greet my foster mom with screams, but make nice sounds when she is hanging out in my room. A home with other birds would make me feel more relaxed. Mickaboo thinks looks aren`t what counts, but this is my story so I have to mention that I`m just about the most gorgeous bird ever! I`m also only 3 to 4 years old! Story posted on: May 22, 2006