Bird ID: 2966
Species: Conure
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Blue Crown
Adopted on 2021-10-06
Hi there! I`m Jaden, an adorable and silly blue crowned conure! I`ve been through a few homes in my life, but they`ve all been very kind to me. In my last home I had some other birds in my flock, and here in my foster home it`s just me. I prefer having other birds around, and might have difficult with being an only bird. I say a lot of fun things like ”hello” (which I love to say back and forth with my person), ”hi”, ”pretty girl”, and a whistle. When I get in the mood to chatter, I don`t want to stop! However, I would also enjoy just sitting on your hand or leg while you work, or getting my head scratched when I`m tired.

I`m a picky eater, and not a big fan of eating my veggies. My do eat pellets well, and my foster home is helping me try new things, so maybe I won`t be so picky in the future.

I am a loud bird, and I`m very flock oriented. If I can hear you, I`ll call out, wanting to see what you`re doing. I don`t scream all the time, but I do need a home that`s familiar with just how loud conures can be. And while I may be able to get used to a male in the house, I would strongly prefer a female caretaker.

Overall, I`m a mellow, loving, and sweet bird who`s excited to find my forever home!