JetSpeed and Cindy

Bird ID: D2009036
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Male-Female Bonded Pair
Sub-Species: Normal Grey
Health Status: Injured, Recovering
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: No
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2012-09-24

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Hi, I`m Jetspeed and my mate is named Cindy -- that`s her in the picture. We both have long, sad stories before coming to Mickaboo but, since we met in foster care, we have each other and hope for a good future.

I was found outdoors, tired and hungry, at an airport. Cindy was found outdoors, very tired and fragile. The vet says that she was probably an overworked breeder whose bones were weakened from laying too many eggs. Whoever was using her as a breeder probably decided that she just wasn`t worth keeping.

As you can see, Cindy is all bandaged up now. Actually, those are casts for broken bones that she has in her wing and leg. She will need a lot of veterinary care and special handling but luckily our foster mom has provided such supportive care for many Mickaboo birds. I hope that you will consider supporting Cindy as well through Mickaboo`s Angel Program.

Please check back soon to see how we are doing.