Bird ID: 302
Species: Amazon
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Yellow Nape
Adopted on 2021-01-25
Opposites attract. Pepper the yellow naped amazon is much more shy than his buddy, Grover the double yellow head amazon. When a new person walks into the room, Pepper runs for his hiding place. We think that he must have been abused by some humans in the past. But, not to worry -- once Pepper gets to know you and figures out that you won`t hurt him, he is fine. He likes to ride on foster Dad`s hand and lets Dad kiss him on the head. Sometimes when dad is reading the paper, Pepper will climb up on the chair to be closer to him. My mom says he is "the sweetest of the sweet". And Pepper is pretty darn smart too. Mom was teaching Grover tricks because she said I had so much energy to burn. Pepper was watching, and one day when she gave Grover the signal to turn around, Pepper turned around too! It turned out that Pepper had been watching and learning all along! So now both birds love doing tricks for those little tiny slivers of almonds. Pepper is definitely the opposite of Grover in the "gaining weight" category. Like most Amazons, he likes to eat, eat, and eat some more! The problem is that Pepper has a bad knee and when he gains a little weight, it makes his arthritis flare up and causes him pain. Pepper gets more pellets and veggies and less treats (shh, don`t tell him). Luckily, Pepper likes healthy foods like peas and bell peppers, so it`s not so bad.We like our showers -- especially Pepper, he just loves his showers and practically turns himself inside out trying to catch every last drop of water. Pepper just wants to be with Grover. . . with a hiding place for when life gets too exciting. These two are a bundle of joy for each other and anyone else who wants to be the special person in their life. Please contact the Amazon Coordinator if you would like to see more of us.