Bird ID: 3076
Species: Amazon
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Double Yellow Head
Adopted on 2020-11-10
There I was, living the good life with my mom for a good 17 years when aging made her forget who I was. Then some people came to take care of me and eventually sent me to Mickaboo where I could have regular company and get to meet other birds like me. Now I live with my foster mom and her two other amazons who talk a whole lot. I was shy about talking to them at first since my voice is much quieter than theirs is, but when we go outside to play I can really open up and holler with the best of them! My foster mom says I`m a bit of a perch potato and I`m not too keen on stepping up at all for her, but if she opens my cage I`m happy to come out on my own and sit on top of it while I preen my feathers. I`m shy about new things, but the old cat in the house is okay and once in awhile I climb down to check out the floor to see if I dropped something there. My favorite toys are my bell and blocks of wood I can chew on (I`m an expert kindling maker you know). Foster mom says I`m the quietest Amazon she`s ever met - I coo a bit here and there and will talk quietly when I`m preparing for a nap, but not much else (unless she hasn`t gotten me out of the bird room fast enough - then I call for Aaron, who is someone from my previous home). If you are looking for a pretty bird who won`t make too much noise, I`m the perfect guy for you!