Bird ID: D2010027
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Pied
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Foster to Adopt on 2011-03-06

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Hi, I`m Ollie, a lutino pied cockatiel. First off, I`m sure that a lot of you readers wonder about some of these color variations of us cockatiels (if not, you can go on to the next paragraph and skip my didactic explanation . . . .) All of us are of the same species, Nymphicus hollandicus, in the family Cacatuidae, subfamily Calyptorhynchinae, along with our larger cousins, the dark cockatoos. But some of us, like me, were bred in a way that gave us different colors from the normal, gray cockatiels (which are called normal greys, using the European spelling). My color variation, lutino pied, is a combination of the lutino, characterized by bright, white-yellow feathers, and the pied, which are characterized by gray splotches on their wings. So, do you see the bright white-yellow on me, and the gray splotches? There you have it: lutino pied.

Like so many of Mickaboo`s birds, I was found outdoors and not doing so well there. I`ve come a long way in foster care, though. I have a rather small frame but my muscle mass and plumage both look good, and I`m naturally curious and playful. My foster mom thought that I was a male at first, which is how I got the name Ollie, but she`s leaning towards thinking that I`m female now. I`m fine with being either, really, as long as they keep feeding me and keep me safe. I have met some other foster cockatiels, Guapo and Sparky in foster care and enjoyed spending time with them.

I`m still a bit shy of people but am getting better about that. My foster mom says that I look young and healthy and probably have many good years ahead of me. I would love to share them with a person or family who will provide me a lot of human and cockatiel companionship in a home where I will never have to brave the great outdoors again.