Bird ID: N2010031
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Moluccan
Health Status: Unknown
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Yes
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2010-10-14

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Ahem. Hey there. Hello? Hi! It`s me, Jeremiah, or "JerBear" as my most recent person liked to call me. I`m a handsome 27-year-old gentleman of the Umbrella Cockatoo persuasion. Believe it or not, I`m actually on the market for a devoted forever home! A bit of my history: my first human parent died in a car accident after we`d been together a long time. I was heartbroken, and our housekeeper took me in, trying to be kind. However, I don`t think my impressively powerful vocal cords were properly appreciated there, as they ended up covering my cage and and keeping me in a closet for a couple of years! Of all the undignified... But excuse me, I digress. After that I went to live with a very sweet lady-human who took excellent care of me, but when she split up with her mate, she couldn`t keep me anymore. She found a new person for me, who I`ve enjoyed living with for about a year, but she lives with her dad who ALSO doesn`t seem to enjoy the harsh beauty of the cockatoo voice. There`s just no accounting for taste! Anyhow, my person has posted ads and been offered large amounts of money for me (as though one could put a PRICE on someone like me!), but fortunately my well-being is her top priority, and as none of those people were right for me, she asked Mickaboo to help. I even heard her tell them that I`m the sweetest cockatoo she`d ever met! I`ve been eating a steady diet of Nutriberries, Roudybush pellets, and fruits and veggies. I also love a bit of pizza on occasion, but am not at all fond of eggs. My wings are kept clipped, which I hear is safer for me, and I`m used to climbing out of my cage in the morning and spending most of the day outside of it, then going back in at night when I`m ready for bed. I know a little human-speak, including "Hello" and some words and phrases that my person couldn`t quite make out--I suppose I should work on my diction a bit. I also sometimes like to whistle a tune which my person said sounded like "something very old and beautiful." I tend to do my throat exercises in the morning and evening, and occasionally during the day when I`m craving some human attention. I don`t like to chew on people-fingers, but I also don`t quite know what to do when they`re presented to me, though I keep hearing these words, "Step up." I`m trying to figure out what that means. I love a good head-scratch, though, and don`t have any strange phobias. Perhaps your home is a little too quiet, and lacking in the big-beautiful-feathered-friend department? Contact my coordinator right away, because I`m sure I won`t remain available for long!