Bird ID: C2010035
Species: Parakeet
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Standard Budgie
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2010-09-17
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Sam here. I`m a young male budgie, who, like most Mickaboo birds, has an interesting story about how I got here. I was previously kept by a magician who used me in his stage show. He used to take me to and from gigs in a paper sack along with his lunch. (Hey, I`m not making this up!) After one show, he was carrying me around with a muffin when a woman asked him why his lunch bag was chirping. He told her that she could keep me if she wanted because he no longer needed me for his show. She had to give him back the muffin, though! The nice lady who took me in bought me a cage and toys and took good care of me -- she lives way down in the Los Angeles area -- until a Mickaboo volunteer could come for me. So, I`ve had my 15 minutes of fame and am ready to settle down.

I`m about six months old, tops, and the blue on my cere is just starting to grow in. I`m still a little scared of hands -- being pulled out of a hat for a living will do that to you! -- but am getting less nervous around people. I eat a lot of greens and avian diet cakes, with a little pellets. My foster mom says that I eat very well, which I do. All that time I spent in a bag with somebody else`s lunch gave me quite an appetite!

I`m living with four other Mickaboo budgies who are already adopted and my foster parents are probably going to adopt me too! Hopefully my lack of availability does not break your heart. If so, it`s OK, Mickaboo has plenty of other budgies who need homes anyway. Check them out!