Bird ID: 3822
Species: Amazon
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Blue Fronted
Died on 2020-12-01
Hello Everybody ~ Don`t let that thing about the `special needs` fool you. I am a sweet and gentle guy enjoying the simple pleasures. . . chewing sticks, taking showers, and eating healthy food. What I would really love is to be an "only bird" in a nice quiet household. Yes, it seems that the older I get, the more I value my peace and quiet. . . no other birds making a lot of noise, no other birds competing for attention. . . that`s what I`d really like. Yes, it`s true that I don`t see very well, but I am pretty smart and I don`t let that slow me down. My Mickaboo foster Mom says I`m a total sweetheart and that I`m "low maintenance", whatever that means. She lets me stay out on my playstand all day because she knows I won`t get in to trouble. All who meet me remark about what a sweet guy I am. And I am so good at stepping up! Although I prefer the ladies, I will step up for just about anybody and everybody. . . men, ladies, petsitters, even at the vet`s! One of my favorite things is to go in the shower with my Mickaboo foster Mom. There is a special perch for me in the shower so I just close my eyes and enjoy my own private parrot spa. I also like carrots, so Mom makes sure I get them almost every day. And she gives me a small piece of bread everyday. It is rumored that there is some arthritis medicine on it. I don`t know, I just think it tastes yummy so I eat it right up! Besides the carrots and bread, I eat pellets, fruits, and other vegetables. To be sure, I have a "past" and not all of it has been good. When I first came to Mickaboo many years ago, my left eye was causing a lot of pain. I couldn`t see out of it, so it was removed and now I don`t have any more pain. In fact, I think I`m doing pretty well. . . I know my way around my cage and my playstand, I know how to step up, I don`t need any drops for my eyes or anything like that. I do like to wander around my playstand and chew up sticks when I`m in the mood, but (unlike many other birds!) I never leave my playstand. I like my peace and quiet, so Mom has my playstand upstairs in a quiet room away from all the downstairs activity. As you can see, I am a gentle and sweet old guy, and life is good. The only thing that would make it better is if I was an "only bird". As wonderful as my Mickaboo foster home is, they have other birds here who make noise and who sometimes even fly upstairs to visit me. I don`t like all this commotion. . . it`s that `blind thing`. I`m sure that I wouldn`t like cats or dogs or small children either. Are you a nice person with a quiet home? Would you like to give this sweet bird some TLC? Contact Mickaboo`s Amazon coordinator.