Bird ID: C2011016
Species: Parakeet
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Standard Budgie
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Foster on 2010-12-29

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Update: I have become very best friends with another budgie here called Georgi. We do everything together. We love playing on our boing-and chasing each other up and down. During out time we love to sit together on the playpen our foster mom has for us. It would be best if we were adopted together. Hola! I am Lorito, which means "little parrot" in Spanish. And I am a little parrot-even petite for a budgie. I`m about seven years old. I had a really nice dad but he had to go out of the country so his sister took care of me for awhile, but then when he didn`t know when he would be coming back they asked Mickaboo to help find me a home. I used to step up and hang out with my dad so I`m a little more used to men, but I still step up for my foster mom when I`m out of my cage. I`m a really good flier-my foster mom says I must be part hummingbird. I`m not sure about that but I do know that I love to fly! I should have a big cage that will let me stretch my wings. I eat pretty well; I get avi-cakes, pellets and veggies, and some 9-grain cereal once and awhile. Millet is my favorite treat and right now my favorite toy is this paper thing that I can shred. I`m going after the red paper right now. I don`t talk but have a warbling song and chirp-I think I bring a bit of sunshine to the home. My foster mom says I have a pretty soft voice, and I like to sing to the vacuum cleaner. If you would like me to brighten up your home then contact my coordinator!