Bird ID: 4401
Species: Conure
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Mitred
Adopted on 2021-04-09
Hello. My name is Olive, probably because I look like a martini olive, huh! :-) But my foster mom calls me Tipsy because there are times my balance gets a little off. My health was not so good when I first came to Mickaboo, but they got me to the doctor and provided me with excellent care.

My foster mom says I am quite the character, a great one for announcing the arrival of a visitor. I also makes the cutest clicking sounds and chatter.

Even though foster mom is nice and takes really good care of me, I`m a little scared of her. Mickaboo thinks maybe humans weren`t always so nice to me. But, I`m learning to start building my trust; it just takes a little time. My foster mom understands that and has been so patient. It feels so good to have someone who is trying to help me, not hurt me. Sometimes I`ll step up onto a stick, but often I go back in my cage all on my own. I`d love forever parents who`d want to learn clicker training and teach me!

I am a good eater, and get all sorts of goodies to eat like veggies, fruit, pellets, grains, and even sweet red peppers -- yummy!!!

Although I`m a little timid and unsure of new surroundings, I would love to find someone who will love me for me -- tipsy moments and all! Someone who will show me what unconditional love means. I`m just a little scared right now -- I wish I could remember why, but maybe it`s better this way. I`d love to start from scratch and build a better life! I may not always be sure footed on my perch, but I`d like to be sure footed in my home. And hey, even if you don`t have a tiny little helmet, we just might hit it off!