Bird ID: E2012002
Species: Ringneck
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Indian
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: No
Well Socialized: No
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2014-03-09

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Update from Miko`s foster home 2/7/13: Miko (beautiful girl) has made great progress associating with people. She will gently touch our fingers and then take a nut from our fingers, as long as it is through the bars of her cage. She can be quite vocal when she wants her treat. She loves to be talked to and with certain people she will coo. She learned to enjoy her fruits, and sometimes vegetables, plus some pellets and seeds. She has even begun to play with and chew her toys. These are huge steps from the thrashing, scared bird we brought home from the Humane Society. She does not talk but she has several room mates to learn from. So we are still hopeful she will. She is not a finger bird, but absolutely stunning just the same.