Nancy & Dilla

Bird ID: B2012007
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Peach Faced
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Yes
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2012-05-07

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Notes from the foster parents - I think it says it all about these Two Adorable 5 Month Old Lovebirds!

Ok, you`re going to have to temper my comments about Drew and Carmen because on a cute, smart, tame, temperament scale of 1-10, these two are a 15!

  I gave them a day or two to settle in before I tried to handle them but they both step up and can`t wait to hop on my arm or shoulder and hang there, or if I set them down they will check things out or if I put them by the open door they will climb on the cage or go in.

They ate the Nutra-An cakes the first day and will take them from my hand.

Since I have no wing clipped birds I don`t know if these two are clipped or if their wings aren`t fully grown out but they can`t fly and sort of flutter to the ground.

They like being misted and don`t back away.  They aren`t doing much with their veggies yet but that doesn`t surprise me as all new fosters take a while to adjust to fresh food.  Taxi and Basil jump around for their veggies now so I know these two will come around soon, especially because they are so young.   

I really have to give kudos to the people who hand raised them as their work has made these two as adoptable as any birds.  They would not belong in a home who just want to watch and enjoy them and will blossom in a home where the family wants to interact with them a lot.  It would be a shame not to hold out for this type of home.  If we didn`t have dogs, they would be a perfect fit here.

Please contact the Lovebird Coordinator at the link above if you are interested in adopting Carmen & Drew.