Bird ID: B2008035
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Masked
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: No
Adoption Status: Foster on 2009-01-10
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Hi, we`re Fosty & Holly. We come from a mixed flock of 4 Masked Lovebirds who flew in from lands unknown along with our compatriots, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Somehow we all wound up at an animal shelter. From there, an employee took pity on us and gave us to his mother. We had a nice big cage there but unfortunately she didn`t know how to feed us properly & fed us pretty much only seeds. Seeds! Yuk! That`s like you people eating only french frys everyday. Geez, someday we hope that people will learn what us Lovebirds, and all birds really, should be fed before bringing us home! We`re not dogs or cats - we`re Beautiful Birds & Need A Variety of Foods Plus Pellets - And NOT Just Seeds!
Oh, ugh, sorry, for my rant.

Anyway, after a while, the kind-hearted woman couldn`t care for us any more because she was disabled and we were a very wild bunch! Now that we`re in a Mickaboo Foster Home, things are definitely looking up. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell already got adopted, but Holly & Me are still available and looking for our own Forever Home. (They saved the best for last if ya ask me!)

Something else you should know about us, I (Frosty) will stay on your finger or shoulder once I get there, but Holly more prefers human watching from a distance. Otherwise we`re both pretty easy-going and get along well with our foster family, including the other feathered members. We like to explore our new home, wandering in and out of our cage and over to visit the other birds, especially a little green cheek conure, who loves to check in on us whenever we come by to check out her cage. We`re a pretty happy and calm little couple. You have a bustling house full of energy and sound? It`s just business as usual as far as we`re concerned. We`ve seen it all and just chirp away.

We`re a healthy and spunky pair. If you don`t mind that we`re a little on the wild side, and you think you could offer us a home that gives us the love and respect we need, we can help fill it with lots of good energy! Please contact the Lovebird Coordinator (above) and tell him you want Frosty & Holly. We won`t let you down!