Bird ID: H2012052
Species: Conure
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Patagonian
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2013-07-17

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This is a sad story so make sure you have your kleenex handy before reading. I am Perci, a Patagonian Conure, an older man with heart disease, arthritis, obvious plucking and mutilation issues. I was kept in a small round cage with no toys and a single perch for 30 years. I am almost completely blind (but can see some light/dark and motion) and was extremely underweight. I was loved but improper diet and care led to my self-destructive behaviors. I was surrendered to Mickaboo after my person passed away so I was emotionally depressed as well as physically ill. I came in very untrusting and was too weak to do more than dent the skin when biting at my foster mom for simply giving me food or water. I had to be put on several medications and it was an ordeal giving them to me.

But with my foster mom’s love and excellent care I have made a lot of progress and I now enjoy her company and seek attention, step up, and have new flock members around me. I no longer bite and only need my meds once a day. I have gained some weight due to a much better diet but I’m still too thin. I require special perches with my blindness however I have a new layout now which I figured out in just a couple of days!! I do still have some screaming episodes but they have DRASTICALLY reduced.

I have excellent hearing though and can tell the difference between my foster mom and her roommate!

Overall I’m much happier and healthier but will always need special medical care. You can’t change the world but you could change the life of one brave and heroic little bird. If that sounds like something you would like to do, please contact the Conure Coordinator and thank you!!