Bird ID: 4679
Species: Conure
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Patagonian
Died on 2020-12-10
This bonded pair were caught in the wild and imported to be used as breeders. They were originally purchased and then put outdoors in an aviary for over 20 years. The years were not kind to this poor pair. They were never handled, their only people experience was during feeding time. When their elderly owner could no longer care for them Mickaboo was called.

We picked them up and rushed them to the vet. In addition to chronic malnutrition they each have a set of issues we are working to cleat. Lucy`s face was almost completely bald due to plucking and she has a gnarly cataract in one eye; Desi plucked her face. Desi`s feet are non-functional and he plucks his body.

As we get this pair healed up physically and emotionally they have each made huge progress with socialization. In their whole 20+ years they had never lived inside a house. At first they panicked at just the sight of people. They are becoming more accustomed to people and handling. They have learned head scratches feel pretty great and people aren`t so scary. We have high hopes that they will make great companions for someone looking to share their life and home with a special needs pair.

Here is a great video of this pair: See Desi and Lucy`s video