Bird ID: O2013001
Species: Macaw
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Severe
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: No
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2013-01-06
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My names Niki and I am a severe macaw. They tell me I`m a mini-macaw, but I know I`m a macaw and I don`t feel like I`m a mini-anything. I think I am about 30-something and I might be a girl. I`m not sure about those things, but I`m sure I need a forever-home. For the last four years I shared a little partitioned cage with two cockatoos.They were little gofins cockatoos and did not take up very much room, but it was still very cramped and I never got any out time. My previous family realized they could not give me and my buddies the care we really deserved, so they gave us to Mickaboo in hopes of getting us into good homes.
I am now in a wonderful foster home and learning how to be a real severe macaw. I`ve got a big cage, good food and a wonderful foster mom who gives me lots of attention. I have not been handled hardly at all for a long time, but my foster mom is working with on this. I also don`t talk very much but I like to get little noisy in the mornings and in the evening before bedtime. I also have a crooked beak, so I will need to have it trimmed on regular basis.
If you`re looking for companion who needs little extra help, I might be the perfect bird for you. Please contact the macaw coordinator and we`ll see if we are a match.