Bird ID: 5177
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Rose Breasted
Died on 2021-07-11
Do you like to laugh? I hope so, because I am quite the comedian. My name is Sfuzzi, pronounced sfoo-zee, and I am a gorgeous rose-breasted or galah cockatoo.

I`ve lived with my mom for 23 years, but she is retiring and can`t take me with her to her new home. Let`s not talk about that anymore, because I don`t want my mom to cry again. My mom describes me as a wonderful bird.

I have a large vocabulary and choose my words carefully so they are appropriate for the occasion. I dance while raising my wings and shouting "yeah, yeah." See, I said that I`ll make you laugh! Do you need a dog whisperer? Because I will be happy to tell your dog to "go outside," "settle," and "go to your bed." I also call the cat by name and purr. I am very smart, so it won`t take me long to learn the names of your other companions.

I`ve lived in the same room as a cockatieI most of my life, so I should be o.k. around other small birds. I like to shower with my human and say "shower today?" and "wet bird." Can we eat dinner together? Because I am used to eating an evening salad when my human eats and will remark all the while I`m eating "mmm it`s good." If I hear a bird outside I will ask, "is that a bird?" or if I hear an unknown sound I will say "what`s that?"

I`m a healthy, happy girl, and very social but I haven`t been handled very much, mostly on the way to the shower. Can you spend time teaching me to be handled more often? I could also benefit with some help with some biting issues. I can be quite affectionate and put my foot out through the bars of the cage to hold my human`s finger. I would need to be in a home where I can spend most of the time supervised, safely out side of my cage.

So if you need more laughter in your life and can give me a home where I`ll be happy, contact the Cockatoo Coordinator and ask for Sfuzzi.