Bird ID: I2014002
Species: Poicephalus
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Senegal
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: No
Well Socialized: No
Adoption Status: Foster on 2014-03-22

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Hi! I`m Sweeney, and I`m a Senegal parrot. I came to Mickaboo when my previous human caretaker passed away and left me alone in the world. The people at Mickaboo say that it`s taken a little bit of time to figure me out, but I`ll do my best to explain myself here for the rest of you humans.

It seems that, in my previous home, I lived in a fairly small cage with a human who was always nearby, and I was very fond of her. However, I never got any out of cage time and didn`t get to meet a lot of other people. All of this left me with a very narrow comfort zone. I also have a natural flight response when I`m scared, and, since I never learned to fly very well, this has left me panicking, running, and hiding when something pushes me out of that comfort zone.

My foster dad is trying to broaden my experiences -- make me more worldly, as it were -- by exposing me to new things like toys, play gyms and vegetables, all while never making me panicky. He says this is challenging, but I can tell that he`s working on it, and he knows that I am too. I`ve learned to take food from his hand and will let him pet my head every evening. I eat a lot of healthy foods now, and an occasional treat, and I`ve learned to climb out of my cage on my own and go back inside when I`m done. I can even say a few human words and make kissing sounds.

I`ve also made a bird friend in foster care, Tuki the Meyers parrot. She and I spend supervised time together almost every evening. Tuki will share food with me, then ask me to preen her head and neck with my beak. It seems that I was removed from contact with other birds at a very early age, so this is another new experience for me. Tuki and I have had some disagreements about how our interaction should work, but I`m glad to say that we`ve pretty much figured it out and the experience has been rewarding for both of us. There are other Poicephalus birds in my foster home, and I like being close to them but in separate cages.

Mickaboo`s avian veterinarians say that I`m a healthy bird, even though I am still pretty skittish about going to the doctor. We`re all hopeful that I`ll continue to learn how to live in a human world and enjoy life more. It will just take time and a little patience.

If I could go to a home where I could be around other birds and with a human who would be willing to spend ambient time with me, that would be great. I don`t need a lot of one-on-one time and I still like to have my own personal space, but having someone nearby who will talk to me and encourage me is nice too. Please contact Mickaboo`s Poicephalus coordinator if you`d like to help me fit into your world.