Bird ID: 5258
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Umbrella
Adopted on 2021-04-28
Hi there! I`m Samantha, a gorgeous 27 year old umbrella cockatoo. I`m a real sweetheart who loves everyone. I wouldn`t be available for adoption if I didn`t outlive my person. I lived with my person`s family until I was injured by a dog when I got off of my cage. As you can see in my photograph, I had to have part of my wing amputated. I need someone to keep an eye on me so that I don`t get hurt again. Can you do that for me? If so, I can give you lots of love in return. For more information, please see "how to adopt" on our website.

7/15/15- UPDATE from Samantha`s Foster mom.

Samantha is the gentlest, sweetest, loving bird i have EVER met. She likes a smaller quieter space (somewhere not so open and busy and loud) we originally had her upstairs near our big windows where we would frequent but she would yell quite a bit, so we moved her downstairs into my room and she loves to be out on top of the cage to just sit and watch that`s when she most content. She`s is not an active bird per say, she is not too stable since part of one of her wings is amputated so she mainly just walks around my room if she wants to go somewhere. Apricots/grapes and a little cheese are her favorite things to eat. With me, the only time she yells is when she wants something, she is very good with her "cries" about letting you know what it is. Such as in the morning and at night she has a specific "cry" telling me she wants to be uncovered or covered back up. Anything wood she LOVES to chew up and does not really enjoy bathing. The best home for Samantha would be a quieter household, not so active, someone that when they`re home they can have her out of the cage. She seems to enjoy everyone, male, female, kids, although she doesn`t like other animals so a home where she can be the only pet would be ideal.