Daisy, Buzzy & Rosie

Bird ID: B2014004
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Mixed sex flock
Sub-Species: Unclassified
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Foster on 2014-05-10

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Hello, hello, hello. . .HELLO!  We are a lively group of lovebirds that came to our previous mom under not such great circumstances.  She took us in an gave us a wonderful life with good food and plenty of room time to interact. We got plenty of nice sunshine too!  Our mom wanted to make sure that we were going to be properly taken care of while she was still able to make decisions  for us so she lovingly contacted Mickaboo to help find good homes for us. Here`s some info she shared with the folks about Mickaboo to tell you a little more about us: Buzzy - a blue, black masked lovebird who arrived 9/28/11, also in very poor condition, coming via a college student who bought him from pet store because he felt sorry for him. He could no longer care for him however and had to rehome him. When he was purchased by the student, he was covered in filth - as were all the birds there in the store - and under-nourished. He was still very undernourished when I bought him from the student. For weeks he ate non-stop and seemed to blow up in size like a balloon. Buzzy likes human contact but bites out of excitement and affection. He does not have a mean bone in his body. He is eager to learn and will step up on a stick and tries to eat out of my hand but can`t quite figure it out but keeps trying. Rosie - a peach-faced lovebird, very bright, plays ball and loves to interact. She came to us in July 2009. She was a wonderful, concerned parent, made beautiful nests and still interacted with the rest of us while parenting. She is a sweetheart, just like the other three. We would like to see these stay together as their mom has wished. If you would like to adopt these beautiful jewels and add not only color to your life but the happy sounds of content lovies please contact the lovebird coordinator and ask about us! Notice: Lovebirds are flock animals, and most of them form a very strong bond with another Lovebird. We have found that when single Lovebirds are kept alone they are more likely to experience behavioral problems including feather picking & mutilation. Because of this, unless a household currently includes another Lovebird, Mickaboo usually requires a minimum of a pair of Lovebirds be adopted. Update: we are sad to report that Daisy passed away on 9/12/16 .Daisy - a Fischer lovebird female. She lived in the room with a teenager who no longer could tolerate Daisy waking her up. She arrived in 1/24/10. She is sweet, timid, tiny and very smart. She is an avid egg layer and nothing will stop her. I really don`t know how to resolve this because it sure isn`t good for her health. Her partner and love is Buzzy.