Bird ID: 5517
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Peach Faced
Died on 2020-10-01
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Hi Bird Lovers - My name is Andy. I used to live with my best friend, but he died recently, so I am on my own. For many years we lived with a nice man but unfortunately his life changed and he couldn`t take care of us anymore. Thankfully his friend recommended that he give us to Mickaboo. Now I live with this Awesome Foster Mom who treats me (and all my lovebird friends) just great! She gives us all sorts of good fruits and veggies to eat, in addition to our mandatory pellet diet, to keep us as fit as we can be. We`re not picky eaters either, and love just about anything you put in front of us (as long as it`s good for us). We like taking afternoon siestas and love to peep from the covers in the night. We used to get spray baths but now we like getting our baths in a wide dish of warm water that our Foster Mom puts in our cage. Speaking of cages - now we have a nice, big & roomy cage too! Our Foster Mom doesn`t know what sex I am and I`m going to keep that as our secret for now. Our Foster Family loves to sing to us and we sing right back! We aren`t tame but we are very social with our people friends! I just love to watch that tv thing and really get excited with our Foster Mom puts on some u-tube Bird Shows! We know that with love, care and some patience we can be trained to step up and stuff like that. One of us has already started eating from our Foster Mom`s hand. Life is just great right now but we still hope that someone will adopt us and give us a nice forever home to live in. So, if ya would like to add a couple of Outgoing, Sweet, Cute and Generally Funny to Watch Lovebirds to your home please get in touch with the Love Bird Coordinator (above) and he`ll tell you how to adopt us. Thanks for having a look at me and you can come back anytime :-) Notice: Lovebirds are flock animals, and most of them form a very strong bond with another Lovebird. We have found that when single Lovebirds are kept alone they are more likely to experience behavioral problems including feather picking & mutilation. Because of this, unless a household currently includes another Lovebird, Mickaboo usually requires a minimum of a pair of Lovebirds be adopted.