Bird ID: 5525
Species: Amazon
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Blue Fronted
Died on 2021-02-18
I`m a sweet, sweet bird named Blue. I talk and imitate sounds. When I sit in your lap, I`ll tell you sweet nothings to make you feel special. I have a gnarled foot so walking and perching are a challenge. However, don`t let that fool you. I can still fly like a champ. You will often see me at Mickaboo outreach events. If you hear a bird yelling "Bow wow! Bow wow!", follow the sound and you will find me. Even though I`m 46 years old, I will be a great companion for someone. All I need is some low perches and a little bit of arthritis medicine on a treat. Come visit me! Contact the amazon coordinator to meet me.