Bird ID: 5807
Species: African Grey
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Congo
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Update 8/19/19: To see a cute video of Jojo stepping up and practicing her targeting skills click here.

Update 7/29/19 Here is a nice update from Jojo`s foster mom:

She is whistling and talking a lot more. She says her name, various sentences, and new noises now.

I`ve figured out she is hyper scared of hands and am really working to help her overcome it, but it`s been a slow process. She now let`s me touch her beak when we let her know "give me a bump" and she reaches out to do it too. Otherwise, she will lunge at hands. When changing cage papers, she goes to the bottom of the cage and tries to attack your hands through the cage bars so I have dropped the cage tray to the floor to keep myself from startling and keep her from hurting herself.

However, if you say come her and present her with your arm, she comes running and jumps up on your arm and will go everywhere with you. I don`t let her up on my shoulder although she still tries from time to time. She will step off on a t-stand with no arguments and will go back into her cage with a few sound effects for you as your doing it. It`s quite cute. She will 99% of the time stay on her t-stand, even if a bit startled.

She asks now to come out and if you ask will lift her foot and nodd it. It`s very cute.

Not presenting her with my hands has very much lowered the biting. She will also give kisses through the cage bars (I don`t trust her enough to not do it without her cage between us).

She is still pulling feathers, but the vet thinks it is hormonal so has been putting in the hormone chips? She had me pull out all toys that are shreddable and I put in wood toys for her to chew now and food things. She is now chewing on those. The hormone chip was working, but I think I need to take her back because she`s starting to do it again. I don`t know if we will ever be successful in getting her to stop, kind of like nail chewing I guess, but the vet seems to have hope. She has grown new down feathers on her back, but just the last couple of days, she decided to pull out a few of the bigger feathers. May be molting though? My bird is, so I can`t say on that. In general, it is less. Yeah!

I would say a good home for her would be someone who doesn`t mind a bird who doesn`t cuddle at all, but is sweet in personality and does attach. Except for her problem with hands, in general she is not a biter.

Well, there is one thing she does that you have to also be careful of. She`ll put her head down like she wants scratches and nails you if you do. Learned that pretty quickly. She seems to do it only when irritated, but people should be warned on that little sneaky trick.

She learns quickly. She has obviously settled here and really likes just hanging out with us when we are working on things. She`ll talk to us from her cage room if she is in the cage and will talk to my bird too.

I`ve target trained and clicked trained her and she loves doing it too. Almonds are her favorite treat, but tends to be a bit fussy on treats otherwise.

She is completely weened on Hansen`s now. Somedays she`ll eat anything you put in her cage and other days its all on the tray. So, can`t figure that out, other than corn.

She`s healthy, but I would recommend highly that she sees an avian vet to help out with the feather issues. The vet wants to make sure that infections don`t settle into the damaged area of her wings from the feather pulling. I don`t think a home with kids or animals would be good, but other birds would be ok if they share separate cages.

That should give you more information for her bio and for helping you find her a forever home. She is welcome here still, so no hurries, but if you find what you think is the perfect people for her, then I know that is part of the deal, which is why I`m trying to help her overcome her fear of hands. She may take a little while longer than normal to settle in and having a solid routine for night seems to be very important to her and my other gray. In general, though, I`d say that she does like people/adults, she just doesn`t like hands.


Hi, My name is Jojo and I`m a 26 year old Congo African Grey. My person is leaving the country and can`t take me with. So, here I am in a nice Mickaboo foster home. I`ve already started talking in my foster home. I can say "hello" in a man`s voice. You have to hear it for yourself......very cool. I`ll update you all after I settle in and get comfortable here. I`m looking forward to the next exciting chapter of my life. Maybe with you?