Bird ID: 5873
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Umbrella
Adopted on 2021-07-09
"Hi Baby!" I`m Millie from Michigan. I was hatched there on 5/22/08 and as you can see from my photograph, I`m as beautiful as the winter snow where I was hatched. I`m a loving, gentle, smart, engaged, funny, female umbrella cockatoo. I hope you don`t mind me calling you baby, because I also say "Okay Baby,"and I use my special low voice to say "Birdie Bird Bird" and "Pretty Bird Bird." When you let me out of the cage, I get down on the ground to follow you and find out what you are up to. I am too smart and engaged to stay put. I also like to go outside as long as my human can keep me safe. I`ve only had one human since I was hatched and since my human was female, I tend to prefer females. I eat a healthy diet of Zupreem pellets. Some of my favorite healthy fresh foods are grapes, banana, apple, apricot, cucumber, yellow squash, and cooked sweet potato. My favorite treat is an almond. I tend to be too loving sometimes which can give me health problems (I`ve had a prolapse in the past), so you have to be sure not to pet me under my wings. I also have a history of picking my chest feathers and skin. I like to be covered at night and giving me 12 hours of darkness in a quiet room at night will help me avoid getting too hormonal. If you think you can keep me healthy and happy, please go to the "How to adopt" link and fill out an application.