Bird ID: 5875
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Goffins
Adopted on 2022-01-12
"Hi!" I`m Murray, a very affectionate and amazing 5 year-old male Goffin`s cockatoo. I eat a varied diet of Caitec Oven Fresh Bites, Harrison`s pellets, and Lafeber`s treats. I am very smart, so you should hide my food in toys so that I can forage and stay entertained. My favorite fresh foods are carrot, sweet potato, zucchini, apple, and soft fruit such as peaches and pears. I love "my babies," my toys, but I am afraid of new toys, so it is best to hang new toys on the outside of my cage until I get used to them. I am also afraid of roller blades and humans arguing. I am clicker trained and know how to target a chopstick. I can easily be trained with the clicker and positive reinforcement. As smart as I am, I do want to make my own choices so instead of commanding me to step up, you should ask me if I want to get on your hand, and I will "step up" for you. I know how to wave my toe if you say hi or bye to me. I also dance to music. I will fly to you in the house if you call my name (of course, you need to be careful that I can`t escape the house). I did start to pluck my tail when my previous owner died of cancer and I will yell if I`m not getting enough attention. I like to have my cage covered and be put in a dark room so that I can get a good night`s sleep. If you can continue my clicker training and keep me busy with foraging toys, please go to the "How to adopt" link and fill-out an application.