Bird ID: 5883
Species: Amazon
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Mexican Red Head (green cheeked)
Adopted on 2020-09-08
Ola! I`m Murado, a Mexican Red-Headed Amazon Parrot. My name means "purple" in Spanish. They think I`m in my mid-20`s and my foster parents think I`m female.

Before coming to Mickaboo, I was found outdoors, hungry, and living in a bush. After someone rescued me from this situation, I was moved between a few families and ended up abandoned in a foreclosed home, where a realtor found me. I`m in a beautiful Mickaboo foster home now, and those days are behind me. Despite what I`ve been through, I like sharing love and friendship, albeit cautiously, with humans who treat me right.

I eat pellets, cooked veggies, and fruits like a champ, and, like most Red-Headed Amazons, I like my meals to be social events. I love my baths, love to chew up all my toys, and I don`t pluck any of my feathers.

I prefer my foster dad and will call out to him when he`s not in the room. Besides that, I`m pretty quiet, though I will wolf-whistle, talk a little, and imitate some animal sounds. I say "hello," "hi," and what sounds like "Pokie." I like to whistle along with people, so, if you whistle, expect me to chime in.

I`ve warmed up to my foster mom and will meow when she calls out to the kitties, both to confuse her, and to let her know that I`m paying attention.

I insist on being covered at night when it`s time for bed. I go to bed early and don`t like any lights on in my room at bedtime.

I don`t fly much, possibly due to some old wing injuries, but I have been known to fly across the room and will, eventually, find my way back to my cage. I do like to sit in my cage doorway when it`s open and watch the activity going on around me, but I don`t usually move from there.

I will take small treats from my foster family members, but I don`t like to be held or scritched yet. Sometimes I think that, with a treat and training, I might step up someday, but I need to build up some trust with you before I even think about it. I still make a great companion bird within my safety zone.

If you`d like to spend time with me and allow me to trust you, I`ll be a great pet bird, friend, and meal companion. If you`d like a little purple in your life, please contact Mickaboo`s Amazon Coordinator.