Hi I`m Alton (Now Ellen see below) named after the host of Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen which my foster mom loves to watch. But you can call me Al for short. I`m one handsome and pretty friendly fella who got out and got lost. I was pretty scared and wandering around trying to find a safe place to land. Well I saw a nice lady`s house and decided to let myself in by crawling under her screen door. She was very surprised to see me just wander in but she was very nice. Little did I know she also had 2 large dogs that were thankfully sound asleep when I came in. I was able to fly to safety and she was able to let the dogs outside while she tried to figure out what to do with me. Hey, I thought I was fine just where I was (hiding on top of her curio). She kindly let me share some strawberries that she had and I later flew over and helped myself to some of her pasta. I was very, very hungry! Thankfully the awesome lady found out about Mickaboo and contacted them right away. The lovebird coordinator then came and got me and I was back safe and sound in a nice cage where I could get good food, clean water, and the rest I had needed. I thanked her by being very nice and not even trying to bite or be aggressive towards my food or cage (pretty nice considering I could have been very protective given how hungry I was, don`t you think?) Well after settling in my foster mom noticed something was not right about my droppings and I seemed to get out of breath fairly easy so off we went to one of the wonderful avian vets that Mickaboo uses. They checked me from beak to toe and even did an xray. (turns out I`m most likely a male so my name was changed from Ellen to Alton or Al) Turns out my liver is enlarged. It could be from different things like the stress of not having enough food, right now they have me on medicine that I`m going to be on for the next 6 months as my last visit showed it`s starting to work and my lab results are looking better. I take my medicine very easily so it`s not hard to give it to me. I take it twice a day and swallow it well like a good birdie. I`m not too good at step up but I do know how and have demonstrated that I know how to. I will step up onto a perch if I land somewhere hard to reach. 5/7/17 - Update, Al has done so well on his medicine for his liver that a recent recheck showed he can now be off the medication! He is one happy active birdie and gets along good with other lovies and people. Update- 9/2017- Alton and Cammy are now bonded but need to be separated so are available singly. If you would like to adopt me/them and have awesome birdie buddys let the coordinator know. Update - 1/3/18 from the foster mom: Well we now know the right name was given in the first place...Ellen! She laid an egg awhile back and it was a difficult for her as this was a very large egg. She has not laid another and had been receiving Lupron shots to try to slow her hormones down. She will need to be kept from nesting materials that will encourage egg laying as well as lots of out time to exercise and keep her weight down. No warm foods and plenty of uninterrupted sleep at night. She still is not fully hand tamed but does step up onto an arm or perch pretty well. She would probably do better in home with another female so as not to encourage egg laying. July 2020 - Update: Ellen continues to do well and is stable though she was diagnosed with heart disease a few years ago. She is currently on 5 medications that she gets orally 3 times a day. She is very easy to give medicine to and the medication had helped stabilize her medical condition. She gets winded at times but still enjoys a good quality of life and is an active gal. She remains good natured and does step up pretty well.