Asia and Sidney

Bird ID: E2008011
Species: Ringneck
Sex: Male-Female Bonded Pair
Sub-Species: Indian
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: No
Well Socialized: No
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2011-05-13

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Hi - I am Asia and with me is Sidney, Indian Ringneck Parrots, or Parakeets. I`m Asia, the beautiful yellow female.

And this is Sydney, the male, notice the handsome ring marking around his neck- only men have that dark ring!

We are enthusiastic eaters! We love just about everything that you like. Our main diet is a delicious mash of vegetables, legumes, and some fruit that we both love. We also enjoy our Harrison`s pellets, we are definitely healthy birds. We love a spray or a dog watering bowl bath (no dogs allowed!) about once a week, and LOVE being dried with a hair drier!

Me, Asia- I am ok to have you sit near me but I am very afraid of getting picked up or handled. I have healed injuries that came from a traumatic incident with a human that I can`t seem to get over. The vet looked me over in January 2010 and determined that the lump on my head and the missing toes are old and not a problem. I am a wee bit awkward getting around so give me time. If I *ahem* very gracefully trip off the cage I know to climb a wooden ladder to get myself back up.

I am missing feathers around my eye which seems to be the work of my mate Sydney, who sits and picks at my eye area- a sort of preening, I guess. Sometimes he is a pain; when you offer me food he is always beaking at me to make me move away, so I like it when you give us each treats at the same time. I am the alpha around here, and don`t really care for other birds. I guess I`ll let Syd talk now..

I am Sydney: protector and guardian of all things Asia. I am basically a great guy, and sometimes I even step up for you, on a perch or hand. I am very social and outgoing, and love to fly around the house. I call to Asia and she will fly over to me. I get protective during breeding season, but we`ve never had eggs or chicks so far. [whew]

If you are interested in adopting myself and Sydney into your family, then contact our coordinator by clicking that little link by our picture. We`d be interested in meeting you.