Bird ID: 6022
Species: Conure
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Cherry Head
Died on 2020-09-27
We are a pair of Cherry-Headed Conures and just arrived at Mickaboo.

I (Mojo) am *at least* 23 years old and Tory is 19. My mom got Tory a few years after she got me so I would have some birdy company. We lived with her in San Francisco our entire lives (19+ years) until she was too old to care for us and had to be hospitalized permanently. She was all we knew and we miss her now that she`s not home anymore.

The nice people at Mickaboo told us that an awesome person will soon come along to adopt us so we can have a home again! Here`s what you need to know about us:

I recognize my name and will sometimes respond to it. My mom thinks I`m a boy. Tory & I haven`t been on a very healthy diet (seeds mostly) so we`ll need our person to help us eat better (more fresh fruits & veggies. I already love apples!). I can say a few words like "Take a bath!" and "Hello". I can already step-up and like getting head scritches. Both Tory & I pluck ourselves and hope our future parents can look past our bald-patches. Our plucking may have to do with the stress & loneliness we had to go through as our mom aged and couldn`t take care of us as well as she once used to. Tory wants me to add that he can also step-up and likes coming out of our cage.

We just need a stable home where someone can care for us properly. With a little love, much-needed care, attention and diet changes - we could possibly stop plucking. Will you help us?