Hi I am Calliope and have taken the title for cutest lovie ever! I was found by a nice person and brought to the shelter who then contacted the nice people at Mickaboo. I am a younger bird and whew am I glad I was taken in, it is scary out there! I was kind of sick when I first came in and I am currently still on some medications but am doing much better now. I am also making progress stepping up and liking to be on my foster mom more and more. I love to eat and Harrison`s super fine mixed with Roudy Bush crumbles and Nutri-an cakes are so yummy but I don`t know about that green fresh stuff....I will try when it is held for me but I don`t know, when it`s in a dish it just doesn`t seem appetizing! We are working on this however. My mom thinks I make some of the funniest noises and has only heard this from one other lovie who is also a foster with Mickaboo (Cammy) and she thinks we may even be related! Maybe one day I can meet him . . . I like to explore but don`t get into too much trouble and I Love playing with my toys and sleeping neck to moms neck. I will give nips to let her know when I don`t like something or if I want something, she calls me a vamparrot! Muwhaha. Update 7/23/17 - I like fresh foods now but I like them cut a bit bigger than lovie sized because well I am a big girl right?! Mom calls me her `Little Darling` even though I am still a vamparrot *grin*. I love to be right next to her neck (which is ALL the time!) when I am not eating or hiding in my cubby. Playtime is good too at Lovie Daycare (YouTube) but mom has been super busy and has not gotten any of the video of me updated on there yet. She said she promises to soon and will link it here. So I guess I am `special needs` now mom is saying and after spending time at the doctors for several days both times, I guess I have to agree. My tummy has been really hurting and no one knows why.I have to take medicine again to help move food through me better and my tummy is too swollen. Everyone is hoping it will be okay, me too. Maybe this is why I also like to eat things that are inedible like oh...string and fibers... they say I am one in a thousand that likes to do this! But that is really not a very good thing...I am back home at least and this makes me very happy. So yes Calliope has been eating inedible things which makes her a challenge and she needs to be carefully monitored. Her GI tract is larger than it should be and to find out what is going on exactly could be life threatening. We are working on treatment to help with her motility and digestion as well as ease her pain when she has her episodes. Update- Sept/Oct 2017 Despite my kidney issues findings I have fallen in love with the other birdie here! Princess Pichi is Soooo beautiful! Yes I am a girl but hey don`t judge she makes me happy! If you think I sound like a good bird for you please contact the Lovebird coordinator and someone will get back to you as soon as we can! Thank you!