Cricket (Crick)

Bird ID: 6035
Species: Amazon
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Lilac Crown
Adopted on 2020-12-30
Everyone here thinks I am a pretty special guy and my foster parent is impressed by how gentle I am. I will step onto a perch and from there a hand. We are working on the stepping up from the cage without a perch, but I am a very good boy and have not -- nor do I want to -- bite! My motto is, respect my territory and I will be good :)

Update 5/24/17 - I am now brave enough to step onto my foster mom`s hand from the cage top! But only when I am ready to, usually in the morning and evening. I get to be out with everyone else now, and I keep trying to show how much I love and want `people` food but no one will give me hardly any! Not the good stuff anyways ... *grumpy face*

Update 7/24/17 - Hi it`s me again :) So, I step really well now on moms hand and anyone can get me to step up on a perch or branch. I do prefer my mom over others, she keeps saying it is the Florence Nightingale Effect..whatever That is! I love to be in the center of attention and out with everyone pretty much all the time. I mean come on, who wouldn`t want to be around pretty female birds all the time?! This however is not helping my hormones which are pretty ramped up. Some people seem to think I should only like female birds like myself but nope, I like them all! Especially the pretty severe macaw here! I do talk in human a little bit but prefer to garble my own words and growly noises are lots of fun. Ok I need to go chew this wooden block some more so here is mom...

Cricket needs to be housed preferably as an only bird or with another male as he does get very hormonal around the girls. He has an old injury to his wing which showed up on x-ray and some wear in his left ankle. He is being seen to figure out why he has excessive urine but we are still not sure what the cause is as his test results have all been good and kidneys are fine. This could merely be an allergy of some sort but just letting this be known. He is a VERY good eater and despite not wanting to be touched for skritches he does love to be around the family for ambient attention. He really is a good bird and with someone who can give him more one on one attention could make the perfect companion.