Bird ID: 6222
Species: Macaw
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Blue and Gold
Adopted on 2021-02-02
Hello! My name is Picasso (Pico for short), and I`m a Blue and Gold Macaw. My foster mom isn`t sure exactly how old I am, but I think I`m about 22. I came from a home where my owner couldn`t care for me anymore. While I was with her, she loved me very much!

I love to chatter, though most of what I say isn`t understandable. I will repeat words that my foster parents say, and love to tell them "hello." I am very smart and can learn new words and phrases when I`m in the mood.

I love banana chips, pistachios and fresh fruit. I`ll eat some veggies, but they`re not as good as fruit!

I spend most of my time outside my cage, and hang out inside of it when no one is home.

Unfortunately, I cannot fly, and I get around by climbing down my cage and wandering around on the ground or the living room table (with my foster mom or dad supervising, of course). I won`t step up right now, and I`m afraid of sticks if you try to bring one close to me. I will walk onto my foster mom`s leg when she`s sitting down. My foster mom is my favorite person in the world. I`m getting used to my foster dad and other visitors, but I will bite if anyone comes too close. I love getting scritches on my head, and she helps me preen those pokey pin feathers I can`t reach.

I live with 2 dogs and 6 other birds. I don`t like them very much, but I am getting used to having them around.

If you think you have enough time to shower me with love and attention, I might be the companion you`ve been looking for!