Hi my name is Kimi, Aloha!!! Yes I originally came from Hawaii! Exciting right? I am about 10 years old and I am sort of shy but also eager to come out and explore as I didn`t have much of that before. I had a mate at one point but she passed away a few years ago and I really would love a friend! I am learning that hands are not such a bad thing and I will step up now though I can be kind of flighty. I love toys, especially toys I can chew and shred! So much fun! This pineapple one my foster mom put in my cage is the bestest! I am no longer eating a seed diet! That was a hard transition but I love the Nutri-An cakes I am given and learning to eat pellets (Roudy Bush and Harrison`s). Millet is always a great treat, yum! I do not know about that fresh /green stuff my foster mom is always putting in my cage but maybe one day I will try it. For now though I hope I can find my forever home and a nice friend to play with. If you think I may be a good match just contact the Lovebird Coordinators and they will help you! Ask for Kimi with an Aloha and a smile! Update 3/23/18 - Kimi is still on medication for high uric acid and elevated triglyceride levels. Because hormones have been ruled out it could mean Endocrine disease. More tests are being run and hopefully we can help fix or help this. He is in love with another lovebird here as well and really seems to like most other birds even if they do not like him! He is now flying to my shoulder and only really gets nippy if Calliope is also there. Kimi is still flighty when initially picking him up unless of course he wants to go somewhere then it is ok :) He does love to play and chew and cuddle...a Very sweet boy! 5/2018 - Kimi has endocrine disease, heart disease and possible pituitary cancer. So far he is fairly stable, energetic and gets into trouble :) He is stepping up much better though still is territorial of his cage/play area and Calliope. Calliope also has her own health issues so separating these 2 is not a big issue and he should be even more handle-able singly. He has learned the joy of paper shredding and has become a pro at it! Who ever finds it in their heart to adopt him will need to have him be seen by a avian vet regularly to make sure he is doing well and to keep up with his medications. He is on 4 different medications currently.