Bird ID: H2018003
Species: Conure
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Jenday
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Yes
Adoption Status: Foster on 2018-03-24

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Hi I`m Peter! Many humans call me "Peter Banana" because every time I want food, I say "Banana" in near perfect human English. For some reason, humans seem to love that about me. Also, while my name for longer than I can remember has been Peter, I just found out that I am actually female, so I have secretly started calling myself "Peter-ita" because a human explained that this version sounds a little more feminine.

But I digress - where were we? Ah yes, I`m a middle aged girl new to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue. My human dad made the very difficult decision to surrender me and his other birds (especially given my gorgeous bright yellow, orange, green and blue plumage, don`t you think? ahem . . .) when dad`s age and health made keeping us impractical.

Since I was with my dad for many years, he and I were very close, so it takes me a bit of time and patience to get used to new people and places. I`m already having a great time with my foster parents, and I`m looking forward to meeting the right family willing to adopt me. I don`t fly so my fosters let me hang out on a "tree" perch with wooden toys that I love to chew and play on. They feed me lots of fruits & veggies as well as Nutri-an cakes (in the blue pack) and no fatty seeds as I need lots of water and low fat in my diet to help my kidneys. I`m especially fond of -- you guessed it -- bananas, but I also eat oranges, blueberries, watermelon, apples and raw corn on a stainless skewer. Yum!! While human fingers still scare me when they approach my head or body, I will readily take food from almost any hand and I love to step up on arms, shoulder surf and hang out with humans who are patient and gentle with me (and who give me food . . .). If there was such a thing as a "guard bird", I would be it because when the doorbell rings or I hear the garage open, I just can`t help but bubble over with joy and make my voice heard. I sleep through the night, and I`m also very excited to greet you with "Conure song" when I hear you approaching in the morning.

I`d love to "go bananas" and spend my golden years with new humans I can adopt who are patient, kind, and willing to spend time with me and keep up the fruit & veggie diet as well as the occasional vet visit to make sure I`m OK.
br> Check out this cute video of me: