Coco (& Jack)

Bird ID: 6300
Species: Conure
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Jenday
Adopted on 2020-09-19
Hello! We are Coco & Jack. We`re cute! Cute! Cute! We`re buddies and love to snuggle together on our swing, but we`ll chirp at you too!
We love our foster Dad; we`ll both come out and let you scritch us, although Coco is a bit shyer about it than Jack. Jack loves head scritches on Dad`s shoulder or knee. Coco is the one with white feet, while Jack`s are black. Click here to see some more cute photos.

We love almonds and LaFeber Tropical Nutriberries, although our primary food is Avicakes. We like fruits like grapes and apples and if we don`t get them, we`ll tell you right away. We also love to dump our food out of the dish and complain later that the food dish is empty by rattling it and protesting, because we know that if you believe us you might give us treats! Aren`t we smart birds?
We also like to sing and chirp and some call us noisy. We aren`t--we`re just conures. We`re looking for the right human, preferably male, to appreciate our clear superiority to any other birds. We are undeniably cuter than any other birds you`re likely to see!