Kiwi (and Emoji)

Bird ID: 6346
Species: Conure
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Green Cheek
Adopted on 2020-07-23
UPDATE 10/05/18:

Initially Mickaboo peeps thought we were a little shy but we have finally ventured out of our cage - ofcourse the credit goes out to our foster mom because she didn`t rush us at all and let us come out in our own time.
We are very happy to be out and about and loving the new freedom that comes with being able to explore. When it comes to training and handling we will happily be bribed by millet. Our foster mom can already pick us up in her hands and put us in our cage.

Hello! We are Kiwi & Emoji. We are bonded pair of Green Cheek Conures and just arrived at Mickaboo. We are settling into our new foster home and our foster mom will have some cool updates about us soon.

We are two active little green cheek boys. We are the best of buds and spend our time playing and chattering. When it comes to company & time, we are pretty self-sufficient and don`t require a lot of human interaction. Give us our favorite foods and lots of fun toys and we`ll entertain to you for hours with our cute little antics. We would be perfect for a family that wants entertaining room-mates but don`t have the time for one-on-one physical interaction. We do nip! So don`t be poking those fingers into our cage!

We are already eating healthy Harrison`s pellets.

If you would like to meet us, please send the Conure Coordinator an email using the link on this page.